Flourishing in Motherhood

Help for Young Moms in Northwest Indiana

“I appreciated being able to meet with a financial advisor. I learned how to budget, started savings, financed my first car, and started planning financially for the future. Thanks to all I learned in TMC 2 years after I graduated I was able to buy my first house!”  – Leslie

Teen Mother Choices

Help for Young Moms in Northwest Indiana

“Teen Mother Choices has forever changed who I am. They have nurtured and watched my faith grow. They were my rock in the most difficult times of my life. They taught me to love myself when I felt undeserving. I am forever grateful for the time and lessons I learned from TMC.” – Lexi

Mom Mixers

Help for Young Moms in Northwest Indiana

“I keep coming because of all the love and guidance you all share with us. The community I have here is my FAVORITE part.” – Brittany

ANEW Ministries

Helping Young Moms to Fully Flourish

Our Mission is to help young moms to fully flourish in her role as a mom by offering programs that engage her in a life-changing relationship. We partner with the local church that is in her local community so together we can help her to “Fully Flourish.”

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How you can partner with us:

  • Host a packing party for our Fully Flourishing boxes
  • Volunteer to be a regular at our Mom Mixers
  • Plan a Mom Mixer for one of our moms
  • Volunteer at your local TMC program
  • Be a hosting church for baby showers for our young moms
  • Become a champion for young moms by supporting the work of ANEW financially.